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Cellnetrix today

Cellnetrix GmbH is an independent software house established in 2007 with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and a branch R&D centre in Zelenograd, a satellite city near Moscow, Russia.

We are a company specialized in development of innovative embedded technologies for security-sensitive IoT and M2M applications enhancing mobile security, confidentiality and trust.

Cellnetrix implements software on different hardware platforms and delivers industry-grade secure embedded systems for small power-constrained devices such as smart cards, embedded (U)SIMs and sensors, as well as customized software stacks and middleware. To date, our CellSIM operating system for smart cards and trusted devices can be found in more than 200 million mobile devices worldwide.

Company puts at the moment a strong focus on emerging technologies such as Embedded UICC and reprogrammable USIM, which enable secure provisioning of the profile and activation of network subscriptions directly in consumer devices without a conventional SIM card. Our embedded software is fully based on cross-industry standards such as ISO, ETSI, IETF, Global Platform.

We offer flexible and consistent business models, which enable our customers: silicon and hardware manufacturers, mobile and virtual network operators as well as smart card companies to integrate featured components within own solutions and deliver innovative products to final consumers. This approach makes it possible to implement and deliver completely tailor-made software, which can be further enhanced and adapted after the delivery.

Mission and vision

A rapid development of Internet and mobile telecommunication technologies during the last decades has dramatically increased the demand for secure solutions which could provide universal identification and key management services on the one hand and keep the subscriber data in the safe place on the other.

One of the most developed and mature solutions which could satisfy the most stringent security and usability requirements is a Smart card solution based on widely adopted UICC standards originally developed by ETSI and now supported by many institutions. Once developed for subscriber identity modules (SIM) of GSM networks, UICC is becoming a universal secure platform for various applications such as identification in mobile networks, secure payments, mobile television.

We strive to implement the very latest requirements in Smart card technology to help our customers succeed in their products and applications, providing them new functionality essential to run the businesses effectively especially in the new market segments.

To meet those commitments, Cellnetrix has defined a certain code of conduct to distinguish it in the marketplace on the basis of performance and technology which includes following cornerstones:

  • Trust. It is important to create an open and constructive environment and to act realistically with our customers.

  • Customer-oriented attitude. Always stay with your customer.

  • Focus on final results.Value of final results is the highest.

  • Proactivity. Staying ahead of competitors and foreseeing demands of our customers.

We believe in the bright future of smart cards and secure devices built on smart card technology as a versatile instrument to provide identification, security and trust in the mobile networks and Internet. 

Our mission is to bring trust and security into the world of connected devices by discovering the potential of the secure embedded technologies and solutions to a wide number of different market players.

From startup to reliable partner


Company was founded with 4 emloyees at start.



First projects

R&D center in Russia was opened.
We've grown up to 8 employees.
First smartcard projects.


First technology licensee for CellSIM smart card OS.
USIM solution for 3G.
First industry investor MaskTech GmbH.



100 000 000 devices

Introduction of M2M USIM.
5 Full Technology Licensees for USIM OS.
100 mln. devices with our software.

New prototypes

First licensee for full LTE USIM OS.
Mobile PKI Solution.
Introduction of GSMA Embedded SIM prototype.
Introduction of Themis SE prototype.




Germany office

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Russian office

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